A Guide To DC Comics’ “Convergence”


Beginning this week DC Comics will start rolling out their ambitious project: CONVERGENCE.

convergence Harley The core title, a 9 issue weekly titled: Convergence, will be accompanied by 40 two-issue titles!

Yes, you read that correctly, 40 titles.

convergence nightoracle

For the months of April and May, many of DC’s core titles will be suspended (some of them to never return) and replaced with the convergence titles.

The 2 issue minis will tell stories from throughout DC’s timeline(s), touching on many fan-favorite eras like Pre-Crisis Supergirl; The Tangent Universe; Gotham Sirens era Harley/Ivy/Catwoman; The Nightwing/Oracle LOVE-FEST; Hook-Hand Aquaman; Ted Kord Blue Beetle; Ryan Choi Atom; Flashpoint Batman; ZERO HOUR Green Lantern/Parallax and the ever-popular Stephanie Brown Batgirl & Cassandra Caine Black-Bat!

The list goes on and on and, I’m telling you guys, it’s a lot of (AWESOME) comics!

Below is a link to DC’s official CONVERGENCE GUIDE. I highly recommend checking it out. After giving it a look, pop into your Friendly Neighborhood Big Easy Comics and let us know which titles you’d like us to pull for you!


convergence batgirls