Have all the fun collecting!

I just got a Kickstarter package in that I pledged to last May and I have to tell you that it has really got me excited about collecting again.  I’m so excited in fact that I’d like to share some of it with you.  I get distracted with work for extended periods and often don’t get to enjoy the comics, art, and toys I’ve collected over the years as much as I’d like.  Most of my friends and customers know I’m a huge Daredevil (I have a complete run from 1964) and Frank Miller fan (way too many copies of many of his books floating around my house).  I’m always upgrading my Daredevil books to nicer copies and I’ve never seen a copy of a Frank Miller comic that I didn’t need another copy of.  So that said, I’m not going to share any of that.  I’m going to share my collection of things from my favorite current comic and artist.  Chew8

It’s no coincidence that the two are connected:  My favorite comic is Chew & my favorite artist is Chew co-creator Rob Guillory.  Not to shortchange him in any way, John Layman (co-creator/writer) is a freaking genius (and he loves cats – I have 4 of them myself).  If there’s a point to what I’m saying it’s that if you don’t read Chew you’re really missing out. The storytelling is original and fantastic and the art is amazing.

I can’t tell you that I have a 100% complete collection because I have been a bit lazy lately about filling in the couple of holes I have, but for the most part I have every printing of every issue of Chew plus anything else Rob has in print.  I’m missing a variant edition of #1 (Larry’s Comics), 3rd printing of #2, 2nd printing of #3, a 2009 Convention Sketchbook, a couple variant covers Rob did for other publishers and I’m sure a few items he did exclusively for Cons since I haven’t been to any the past couple of years. I think the last time I ran into Rob was at San Diego Comic-Con in 2014 (I honestly can’t recall if I went to Wizard World NOLA in 2015 and definitely didn’t go this year, but that’s another story).

Still Need This One!

Still Need This One!

I’ve got a handful of original pages from Chew, prints, and a number of sketch covers Rob did for me.  I would love to meet anyone else that’s this borderline obsessive/compulsive about Chew or Rob’s art.  That’s my favorite part of collecting comics – talking with other people that are just as excited about it as I am (my second favorite is hunting down things that I’m missing).

Now, on to the thing that sparked the post…Kickstarter!  Last May, Skelton Krew Studio created a Kickstarter for a Tony Chu bust and also available to the highest tier of supporter was a never released FDA badge!  Israel and team do a fantastic job with all the Chew merch they produce (yes, I have all of it – it’s already been established that I have a problem) so it was a no-brainer to drop the money. The Kickstarter has really re-invigorated me to get the things I’m missing and getting Rob back out to do a signing at Big Easy Comics. He hasn’t been out to the store since we moved to Covington.

The Chew Kickstarter Kit The Chew Kickstarter Kit

I’ve uploaded images of some of my favorites from my Chew/Guillory collection to share with you, including the bust and badge.  I’ve added captions to the pics so if you’re interested you can take a look.  I’m not about making this post into a catalog of my collection – I like my readers awake.  If you think you’ve got something I don’t then I’d love to hear about it or if you’d like to see some of the other things from my collection I’d be happy to add pictures to the gallery. What parts of your collection do you obsess over?  If you have any questions or want to share anything with me, shoot me an email at stephen@bigeasycomics.com!