Shipping FAQ

What's the difference between 'pre-order' and 'subscribe'?

Choosing PRE-ORDER means that you want to pre-order that specific product only. If it's a comic book or any other periodical, you are ordering only that specific item and you will not be subscribed to future issues.

Choosing SUBSCRIBE means that you will receive the specific item you requested and you are committing to ordering all subsequent releases for that series of items until such time as you cancel. 

I'm a mail order customer with pre-orders or subscriptions releasing on different dates, how does my shipping work?

For pre-orders, your default selection is to have all items on your order held until they are all filled and then your order will ship. This eliminates the need for you to pay additional shipping charges. If you are a subscription customer, your default shipment option is monthly and you will be invoiced when it is time for your order to ship.

Your other options are to have orders ship bi-weekly or monthly. These options may result in Big Easy Comics invoicing you for additional shipping charges as items are ready to ship.

I chose to have my orders shipped bi-weekly or monthly, how long do I have to pay my invoice and/or additional shipping charges?

You have 14 calendar days to pay any charges or your order will be canceled.

What shipping method should I choose at checkout?

1. I don't want my order shipped, I want to pick it up at Big Easy Comics


I will have my order shipped but I also participate in Big Easy Comics Facebook Live and Reply Sales, and I will be sent a combined invoiced later that includes an accurate shipping charges.

A. On the Shipping page during the checkout process choose the Free In Store Pickup option. See below.


2. I placed an order for In Store Pick Up and I want to pay for it when I pick it up.


I will be sent an invoice later that combines several orders into one invoice. These orders may have been placed via, FB Live or Reply Sales, email, Facebook Messenger, or over the phone.

A. On the Payment page during the checkout process choose In Store Pick Up as your payment option. See below.