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Get started gaming fast with The Ultimate Micro-RPG Book, a published anthology of all-new micro-RPGs, created by experts from across the tabletop gaming world! With these quick-start games, you can create your own adventures, alone or with friends, without any prep, and with minimal set up and pieces. Whether you're new to RPGs, or working towards your level 20 mage, this collection of games is a great way to try out different games and systems, and test your roleplay chops on different character types and situations! Some of the fun and innovative games in this collection include: Gnomesteaders: A fantasy adventure where you play as a gnomish hero defending your home. The Break Room: A game of manipulation where you compete with coworkers to see who will get to go home early. Event Planning in Zero-G: A game about party planning . . . in outer space-where alien tastes must be catered to, or else. It Wants Souls: A horror game about a family invaded by an Outsider who wants to steal their souls. Wonders: Where you play members of a band collaborating to make the Next Big Hit. Breaking Rank: A stealth game about breaking into the Hall of Records to steal your personal dossier and defect to the other side.

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